The Painting Experience Podcast on Patreon

The Painting Experience Podcast on Patreon

Since launching The Painting Experience Podcast two years ago, we’ve found it's a great way to introduce people to process painting and to help folks enrich their creative engagement with life. (If you haven't yet heard an episode, we hope you'll try it out right here on our website or by subscribing on iTunes.) We'd love it if the podcast could reach and inspire even more people -- while also helping to sustain The Painting Experience as it progresses beyond its 40th year as a pioneer in the field of process arts.

Moving toward that goal, we've put The Painting Experience Podcast on Patreon -- and today we're inviting you to become a patron. Patrons help the podcast series grow by pledging a little bit of money for each monthly episode. In return, they're eligible for a unique set of benefits. Here, we'll give you a brief overview of how the process works, plus an audio sample of what you can receive if you join us.

How Does Patreon Work?

To become a patron, we're asking you to visit us on Patreon and pledge at least $5 for each podcast episode we produce. This isn’t like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, where you make a one-time donation. We're asking you to make an ongoing commitment for as long as you want to be part of what we do.

We expect to create a new podcast once every month or so, but you're welcome to put a monthly cap on your pledges so you never go over your expected budget. And be assured that even if you don’t pledge, you’ll still be able to listen to the podcasts for free in all the places you usually find them. 

The Painting Experience in San Rafael, California

What You Get From Us

First and foremost, you get our gratitude! In addition to that, you qualify for a range of cool Patron perks. The one we're most excited about is an exclusive, ongoing series of workshop talks for everyone who pledges $10 or more per episode. These are short talks that Stewart records live during group sessions, and we think they're the next best thing to attending a workshop in person!

To give you an idea of what this workshop talk series will be like, here's a sample from Stewart's recent workshop in San Rafael, California. (If you've received this post by email and you don't see the audio link just below, please click through to the website to listen.) 



You can hear another example in our recent post, Creative Discontent, which contains a short talk from Stewart's Breitenbush workshop this past summer.

In the future, while everyone will continue to be invited and encouraged to listen to episodes of the The Painting Experience Podcast, these workshop talks will be reserved for patrons only.

What We'd Like You to Do Next

If becoming a patron intrigues you, we hope you'll visit Patreon to browse the available pledge levels and benefits, then choose the one that feels best to you. After that, sit back and enjoy the many podcasts and talks we'll offer up to spark that creative fire inside you.

Whether you can join us today or not, we thank you again for being part of our Painting Experience community.

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The Painting Experience Podcast on Patreon