Online Courses

Now you can learn and participate from the privacy of your own home!

The Painting Experience offers a selection of courses for you to learn more about the theory and practice of process arts online, as well as an opportunity to join virtual participants from around the world in a growing community of fellow explorers who value the practice of process painting as a tool for creative development and personal growth.

The Principles of Process Arts teaches the philosophy and methods of process-oriented education developed by The Painting Experience over the last four decades. Presented by founder Stewart Cubley and his staff, the course gives you the materials, tools and community to incorporate process arts into your life and your work.

The Art of Facilitating brings the principles of process painting into practice. For those choosing to facilitate process painting, this course will provide an experiential understanding of each principle by illustrating how they weave together in the interplay of painting and facilitating. The Art of Facilitating is also relevant if you're not necessarily planning on guiding others in this practice–it's an exploration of the deepest streams of the creative process revealed through viewing others experience when painting for process.

Process Arts Practicum builds your skills and develops your confidence as a facilitator of process painting. The practicum includes a variety of opportunities to practice under the guidance of an experienced facilitator. There will also be ongoing presentations on topics relevant to starting your own practice. As a participant in the Process Arts Practicum you'll have access to all the benefits of membership in the Process Arts Community.

Awakening the Creative is the online version of the course we have taught for years in our workshops and retreats around the world. Explore the fundamentals of process painting in a self-paced, monitored environment that guides you step by step on the path to discovering your own unique creative voice. What images are lying in wait inside of you ready to be released? What creative freedom has been blocked by your self-judgment and doubt? When the creative process is the focus rather than the product, a world of discovery awaits that will surprise and delight you. No prerequisite. Sign up here to be notified when the course details are finalized.

Proceeds of The Painting Experience are used to further the developing field of process arts
as well as provide assistance to those who need financial support to attend our classes, workshops and courses.